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About Arrow Storage Products

Arrow is the market leader in the design, manufacture, sourcing, and marketing of DIY outdoor steel storage solutions. For over 50 years of operation, Arrow has built strong brand recognition and loyalty from high quality, longevity, and value. As a global leader in steel consumer storage, we have production / distribution facilities in North America – Breese, IL, Haskell, NJ, Fontana, CA, and Mississauga ON Canada. Arrow has international sales management representation throughout North America, Europe and South America.

Our customers include home improvement retailers, distributors, hardware dealers, mass merchants, and the e-commerce business segment. The Arrow product line includes a wide range of steel outdoor storage solutions, including accessories, to meet the small and large storage needs of the end-user. From storage sheds and utility buildings to deck/patio storage and marine storage to carports and accessories, we offer quality and innovation in the outdoor storage category.