Hunter Shack™ -- Steel Hunting Blind

Hunter's Shack Steel Hunting Blind
Hunitng Blind Steel Huninting Blind Steel Hunting Blind for great weatehr protection

When hunting one needs to stay invisible, be able to see in all directions and have a full range of motion to shoot with a bow, crossbow or gun. This Steel Hunting blind not only gives you 360 degrees of viewing and shooting, it will also keep you out of the elements. The tall vertical windows gives even a 6 foot tall hunter the ability to shoot a bow or gun without issues

•HDG Steel™ – Hot dip galvanized steel coating for added corrosion protection

•Camouflage print to blend in with surroundings

•Extra tall 80” wall height with 86” peak for extra head room and bow hunting

•360 degree view with openings on all sides

•36” x 11” and 9.5” x 13” window openings with sliding doors

•Swing door for easy access

•DIY assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts  

•15 year limited warranty



  Assembled Interior
Assembled Exterior
Sq. Ft. Cu. Ft. Width Depth Ht. Width Depth Ht. Width Ht.
HUS66 35.3' 245.5' 71.3" 71.3 85.6 76.3" 76.5" 87.8" 80 29.3" 77.8"